Horrible Facts about the Titanic

The Titanic is arguably one of the most famous ships in the world, this page focuses on the Horrible Facts about the Titanic and whether the accident could have been avoided all together. You should find out some fantastic information you never knew before, excellent if you want to impress your friends and family. Remember to share!

  • Every engineer aboard the Titanic went down with the ship. This was because they stayed behind to keep the power on, so others could escape
  • Titanic's crew only had seven days, to prepare her for the maiden voyage across the Atlantic ocean
  • There was never any lifeboat training, although planned it was cancelled at the last minute and not rescheduled
  • The night the Titanic sank, was the first time the crew attempted to use the lifeboats
  • Speaking of the lifeboats, the Titanic had a capacity of around 3,500 people. There were 18 lifeboats on board, which held around 65 people each. This meant about 1,000 people could be saved in the lifeboats out of 3,500
  • Titanic’s Chief Baker drank so much Alcohol, that he was able to survive the freezing water
  • At the time of the sinking of the Titanic, the ocean's temperature was around 28 degrees, thats four degrees below freezing point
  • Most people died of overexposure to cold, rather than from drowning
  • Bodies were found floating vertically, and looked as if they were asleep.
  • Only around 300 bodies were recovered.
  • If the crew had seen and alerted the captain just 30 seconds before they did, the accident could have been avoided.
  • The band members played for around two hours after the ship hit the iceberg, they all died in the sinking
  • A passenger who lived through the traumatic fire and sinking of a ship in 1871, faced his fears and boarded the Titanic in 1912. He sank with the ship.
  • A Japanese survivor, named Masabumi Hosono, escaped the ship. When he returned to Japan, he was shamed and told he should have gone down with the ship.
  • There were no emergency flares on board
  • Two of the nine dogs on board were rescued, these were a Pomeranian and a Pekinese.
  • A priest refused to board a life boat twice, while the Titanic was sinking, choosing to stay behind to hear confessions and provide absolution to people still on board.